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balance: an even distribution of weight enabling someone to remain steady

Areas of Expertise


Meditation in corporate settings focus on stress management. Guided sessions can either be 30 or 45 minutes long. Through a secular-based approach, the meditations are designed to inspire people to find balance in their internal landscape which has lasting effects in their professional lives. We are biased, but our meditation teachers are pretty freaking cool.

wellness seminars

Wellness takes whole person approach. It’s about all aspects of well-being, nutrition, health, stress management, resilience, time management, financial wellness. In one hour long lunch and learns or retreat-style settings, experts in various aspects of wellness present and engage with your employees to learn new techniques to improve their well-being. See our topics below!

Chair Yoga

Human bodies were designed to move. Sitting at our desks all day puts a strain on our muscles and our minds. In 30 minute sessions, chair yoga allows employees to stretch their muscles, engage in movement, and connect with physical bodies all the while using the chair as support. It’s perfect for office workers in professional attire with tight shoulders and hips from sitting at computer all day.

chAir Massage

Hands down, your employees will love you if you bring chair massage into the workplace. Without the need to undress, therapists help release muscular tension in the body helping clear the mind. By providing services on-site, employees can take advantage of the convenience and employers can enjoy a boost in employee morale. Sessions are scheduled in 2.5 hour blocks.

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Our Wellness Seminar Topics

Our talented teachers present on a wide variety of topics affecting the well-being of employees.